An Gaming App, developed by the visually impaired team to provide services for the visually impaired has reaped 9 million yuan (about $1.3 million) in revenue over the past eight months. The Binjiang Branch of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau has characterized it as a gambling game.

According to the Beijing News, the App is called “Entertainment for You” and can be used by visually impaired users to read aloud on their mobile screens, same like the Speak Screen feature on iPhone.

Besides, the product also provides several entertainment functions, such as fighting landlords, hoeing the earth, mahjong and so on. Most of these games are traditional Chinese card games, and the game itself is not illegal.

A user is using this app

However, ” Entertainment for You” allows users to cash RMB to buy game chips, which can be used to gamble in the game. And App promised that chips can be converted into RMB.

This makes the App mainly an online casino for the visually impaired. Mainland Chinese law prohibits the opening of casinos.

Hangzhou Police has controlled one suspect.

According to the police, they received an anonymous report that ” Entertainment for You ” was suspected of opening a place for gambling and illegal entertainment activities. Police tried the App and confirmed that it contained gambling content and launched a further investigation.

Police recently arrested the suspect Zhang, and identified a number of disabled people in the entire criminal gang. They live in different places of Zhejiang Province and use telecommuting to build the App.

” Entertainment for You ” acquire used though invited way, a large number of blind, amblyopic group players to register in the game, gambling, and the number of participants nearly 5000 people. One of the victims lost 300000 yuan (about $42000) in a month. After checking the funds of the hack team, in just eight months of operation, the gambling APP flow has reached more than 9 million yuan.

The case is still under further investigation.