A college student of funeral and faculty can get a monthly salary of 5000-6000 RMB upon graduation. This is close to the first job monthly salary of Chinese university graduates. What’s even better is that they will receive a job offer almost on the day they enter school.

The shortage of human resources in China’s funeral industry comes from two aspects:

On the one hand, the disciplines in this field belong to colleges rather than universities. In recent years, Chinese people have increasingly chosen to go to universities rather than colleges.

On the other hand, the Chinese traditional belief that dealing with a funeral is unlucky, and long-term involvement in such an industry may bring bad luck to life.

The funeral major in a school in Beijing is called “life culture major”

But the reality is that China has a huge funeral market due to China’s huge population. According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics of China , the mortality rate of China in 2018 is 7.13‰, which means in 2018, about 10 million funerals events are needed throughout the year.

Behind these situations is a strong manpower market gap.

a columbarium

According to the report, funeral teachers at Anhui City Technical School said that many funeral homes and cemeteries come to the school at the beginning of each year to sign employment intentions with freshmen.

When the college first set up this major, it only enrolled 40 students because it was worried that no one would apply for it, and the college promised to waive the tuition fees for the first two academic years.

According to the introduction of the college, the content of the funeral profession is very complicated. Students should learn how to protect the body from decay and makeup in a few years, how to cremate the body, and preside over the funeral of different religious beliefs.

an eco-friendly Cremation machine

When they graduate, they will work in different places. These jobs are not easy. If he works in a cremation workshop, he needs to endure high temperatures, noise, dust, and other environments. If you work in a funeral parlour, suture, shape, and make up department, you need strong psychological endurance and skill.

More importantly, they will face psychological stress and some discrimination. Some school teachers even recommend that their students marry during their school days, because once they work in the funeral industry, it will be difficult to find a marriage partner.

According to a teacher from another school in Beijing, graduates of this major will have a good salary, and the general monthly salary after a year of graduation reaches 10,000 yuan. This is higher than many Chinese college students in other majors.

At present, there are only five colleges in China that offer funeral programs. Changes in market supply and demand also change the public’s perception of the industry.

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