Recently, according to the official website of Shaanxi Securities Regulatory Bureau, Xi’an Bingfeng Beverage Co., Ltd. has signed a listing guidance agreement with Huachuang Securities to list on the small and medium-sized board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. it is expected to submit IPO application materials before May 31, 2021, raising 460 million yuan.

Some commentators believe that the small and medium-sized board listing threshold is low, just suitable for the smaller scale of Bingfeng. Bingfeng’s main products have distinct regional characteristics, stable sales in certain areas, and may also have certain investment potential. In order to cater to the changing market, Bingfeng has also launched some new products in recent years, but it is not very well-known.

Bingfeng beverage was born in 1953 and has a brand history of nearly 70 years. But the size of the company is still very small. From 2017 to 2019, Bingfeng’s income was 251 million yuan, 284 million yuan, and 302 million yuan respectively. It is clear that even compared with many new brands in recent years, Bingfeng is not a large beverage brand in the Chinese market.

About Chinese local beverage brands, pandayoo once wrote “The De-Colonization of Chinese Drink“. The article mentioned a kind of soda “Arctic Ocean Soda”. Bingfeng is very similar to this kind of soda, except that it is not in Beijing, but it is a brand of Xi’an.

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