Are you looking for a real-time data dashboard to understand the global COVID-19 epidemic?

Now, here are two sites recommended to you, both of which are developed by China. The two tools are made by Chinese medical portal Dingxiangyuan and Chinese social giant Tencent.

You can click on these two links in the Chrome browser, and then use the web translation function to view the content they provide (open it in your browser, right click your mouse or trackingpad, click Translation to your own language):

1- Tencent COVID-19 epidemic data

2- Dingxiangyuan COVID-19 epidemic data.

The top priority of the two websites is to provide the epidemic situation in mainland China, draw a dynamic map of the epidemic, and broadcast information related to the epidemic on a rolling basis. You can get the information you need by clicking “overseas”.

It provides a visual world map of the global epidemic, daily data from almost all countries and regions in the world, as well as the trend of the epidemic in some severely affected areas.

In Tencent’s version, if a country’s health department publishes epidemic data by provincial level, it further displays data and maps of different provinces in the country. The detailed charts currently available are Italy, South Korea and Japan.

The two sites were originally used to track the epidemic in China, but as the epidemic spread outside China, they added data about overseas.

At first, the two sites ran only as WeChat Mini Programs(a private AMP of Tencent,which can only open in WeChat)but then launched the standard web version, and now you can open them in any browser without using Wechat. However, since it was originally designed for Wechat, the two sites only provide mobile views.

Users do not have to worry about privacy and security issues when using these sites. The two sites do not need to register and log in, nor do they display any advertisements.

According to the introduction on the page, the data on mainland China on the two sites come from daily epidemic announcements issued by governments in various regions of China, while data from outside China are monitored by international authoritative media and updated manually by the development team.

The data may be slightly delayed from 7:00 to 10:00 in the East eighth District every day. Because during this period, all provincial and municipal health departments in China are releasing the latest data, and operators will be busy as a result.

Other services, such as “online consultation”, are also available on the two sites, but these features are not available outside mainland China.

It is worth mentioning that the two sites were first launched during the Chinese Spring Festival holiday. According to reports, Tencent mobilized at least 1700 employees to work overtime to complete websites and products related to the epidemic during the Spring Festival. Tencent also launched a volunteer solicitation within the company, and some programmers and product managers who are usually engaged in completely different businesses (such as game development) joined in the R & D and operation and maintenance of epidemic prevention products.

Alibaba and other Chinese Internet companies have launched similar products, but do not provide a standard web version, you have to download their App to use. If you live with China for a long time, you can find them in the App you are familiar with but only in Chinese.