On September 23, the Shanghai Drug Administration of China issued the “Announcement on the Quality of Cosmetic Supervision and Sampling Inspection in 2020”. Among them, a peelable nail polish from MiniSo was found to contain as much as 589.449 μg/g trichloromethane.

Chloroform is a prohibited substance in cosmetics, which mainly acts on the central nervous system and damages the heart, liver, and kidney of the human body. The World Health Organization lists it as a class 2B carcinogen. According to Chinese regulations, the content of trichloromethane in nail polish must not exceed 0.40 μg/g, and the content of this nail polish in MiniSo is more than 1400 times the limit of Chinese national standards.

After the nail polish incident was exposed, a media reporter contacted the store manager but was told that the substandard goods were sampled last year and that the responsibility lay with a supplier in Tianjin. MiniSo’s public relations follow-up response, the company, and suppliers have respectively carried out a third-party re-inspection of the goods involved, the test results are not problematic.

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However, when applying for reexamination, the samples were transferred by the Shanghai Drug Administration to the Shenzhen Institute of Drug Inspection, and the results were still unqualified. In response, MiniSo said that it would respect the test results of the Shanghai Drug Administration and had removed the nail polish from the shelves. For now, only lipstick is on sale in the “lipstick/nail polish” column of Tmall’s MiniSo store.

As for what will be done with the problematic goods that have been sold, I am afraid there will be no later words. After all, this nail polish costs only 10 yuan, and Chinese consumers don’t have to struggle with MiniSo for such a small amount of money.

This is not the first time MiniSo has been a hot search because of quality problems. In June 2020, also in Shanghai, the Market Supervision Administration conducted a spot check on a batch of tableware, and the “KaKao Friends one-ear Apple Bowl” sold by MiniSo was found to have excessive melamine transfer.

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In May 2020, Nanjing Market Regulatory Bureau also found that the release of nickel and the content of the harmful element cadmium in a batch of metal earrings and bracelets of MiniSo did not meet the standard.

In the evening of March 15, 2020, there were consumers complained that the medical surgical mask he bought in MiniSo Mini Program could not find the registration number of the manufacturer on the outer package, and suspected that he had bought a fake. At the same time, Sina black cat complaints and other platforms were also marked with the sound of MiniSo selling fake masks, and payment was not shipped.

This Chinese brand mainly selling cheap goods may still have plenty of room to improve its quality.