Chinese instant milk tea brand Senpure has recently registered a number of trademarks related to convenience food, beer and beverages.

This may suggest that the company will launch products other than instant milk tea.

In fact, Senpure launched the substitute cereal “Joyko” in October 2019, which is also the company’s first new category outside the category of milk tea and fruit juices. However, this cereal has been removed from Tmall’s flagship store.

Senpure, founded in 2005, is a market leader in instant milk tea. It tastes good and is convenient to brew, but it is suffering from market impact.

Since 2016, new style milk tea has become popular in Asia, and instant milk tea that imitates the taste of Hong Kong-style milk tea is no longer popular. As a result, Senpure began to transform from selling instant milk tea to overseas markets on the one hand and trying to sell different types of food on the other.

At present, Senpure has begun to sell instant milk tea in 18 overseas regions, including North America, Southeast Asia, and Europe. Its sales in North America exceeded 10 million yuan in 2019.[1]

According to the financial report, the instant milk tea business accounted for 73.8% of Senpure’s 2019 revenue. The company launched bottled milk tea Meco and silk stockings milk tea brand Lan Fong Yuen in 2017. In 2018, the company began selling MECO juice. In 2020, the company launched two new types of milk tea and fruit tea.[2]

The decline in performance in the beverage sector may be the main reason for the company’s attempt to move into light foods and beer.

A spokesman for the company declined to disclose information in an interview.