Recently, Genki Forest has launched a new zero-calorie sugar product, which is sold in Genki Forest Wechat member stores.

Genki Forest says the zero-calorie sugar is similar to zero-calorie sucrose. The zero-calorie sugar is mainly composed of erythritol, L-arabinose, stevioside, mogroside, and so on. According to Genki Forest, erythritol and L-arabinose are derived from corn, stevioside from stevia, and mogroside from Siraitia grosvenorii, so the zero-calorie sugar is a natural product of plants.

Genki Forest said the sugar tasted naturally sweet and similar to sucrose. Can be used for blending drinks, cooking meals, making desserts, soup seasoning, and so on.

The net content of the zero-calorie sugar is 100 grams per pack, the price is 17.9 yuan, and the membership price is 16.11 yuan. Between January 28 and February 2, after buying two packs of zero-caramel sugar, the third pack is sold for zero yuan.

After the success of Genki Forest through sugar-free drinks, most of the follow-up products are sugar-free and healthy and are sold to young people who pay attention to environmental protection and health.

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