Coca-Cola (China) opened a new official online store on Alibaba’s e-commerce site Tmall on January 28, 2021. Instead of selling drinks, the online store sells clothes, bags, and hats emblazoned with Coca-Cola’s Logos and visual elements.

According to Chinese media reports, the store will focus on selling co-branded goods related to the Coca-Cola brand, most of which are produced by a company in Hangzhou, China.

With the launch of the store, Coca-Cola hopes to extend the meaning of the Coca-Cola brand to lifestyle brands and provide wardrobe solutions for China’s younger generation.

At present, the store has 21 items, including several hats, bags, and sweatshirts. At the same time, the store is also holding promotions to welcome the Chinese New year. As you might expect, products driven by Coca-Cola’s bright red vision are always suitable for the Chinese Spring Festival.

The price of a sweatshirt is about 400 yuan ($61.88), and the price of a short-sleeved T-shirt is 249 yuan (about $38). This price is at a high level in China, similar to the positioning of Guess in China.

This is not the first time Coca-Cola selling clothes in the Chinese market. In 2018, Coca-Cola (China) opened an offline store in Shanghai, which was located next to the office building of Coca-Cola Shanghai Company. It also did not sell drinks but focused on all joint-label goods printed with Coca-Cola. There were more than 200 items, including stationery, makeup, bags, kitchen utensils, and, of course, clothes.

Although in recent years, with the improvement of China’s consumption level, more and more consumers begin to realize that Coca-Cola is not healthy as a beverage. However, Coca-Cola’s Logo and visual elements are still an important cultural symbol in China. On the Chinese Internet, Coca-Cola is called “Fat Homebody Happy Water”. It is self-deprecating, but it also represents the mental state of young people.

In the past, Coca-Cola has co-signed with Anta, a well-known Chinese sportswear brand, and launched a total of 69 products. This series has achieved extraordinary success in the market.