“Our basic judgment is that if it is a good company, there are a lot of stock markets for listing, not limited to the United States. Because of that,we are not so worried if the crackdown from the US government will make any serious impact on our business.” Li Yanhong the founder and CEO of Baidu,told China Daily.

The US Senate has passed the Foreign Company Accountability Act at noon local time on the 20th, which means that Chinese listed companies in the United States have a relatively strong delisting risk and obvious pressure from the authority. Baidu is one of these “Chinese concept stocks” in the US stock market.

To answer this tense situation,Robin Li believes that Baidu, which is listed on NASDAQ, does not need to worry, yet his response to the public is always a kind of worthless information.

In China, Baidu was one of the largest three Internet giants, once being campared with Alibaba and Tencent. However, the day has gone. Baidu, which rised up through search engine business, did not make a good strategic adjustment when the mobile digital era came, which led its status to be overtaken by many new Internet corporations in China.

On the other hand, Americans don’t seem to notice Baidu-because most of its businesses aren’t threats to anyone. Despite Baidu is the largest search engine in China for a well-know reason,it is even less valuable than Google in China. Rising softwares such as TikTok, which the US government most worry about at present, are concerned because of their rapidly spreading influence. Ironically, Baidu has no need for worrying about the crackdown from the United States. It doesn’t even have much chance of being hated by White House.