Anta Kids, a children’s brand owned by Anta, launched a new children’s running shoes product called UFO2.0 in Xiamen on July 14.

July 14-28, Anta Kids “boarded UFO to Mars” theme flash event was held in Xiamen. The brand arranged a space-themed event site, inviting child users to learn space knowledge and explore the mysteries of Mars. It is worth mentioning that the China Space Administration announced that it will launch the “Tianwen-1” Mars exploration activity in July. It is the right time for Anta Kids to hold space-themed activities.


At the event site, children can participate in the game and get Anta Kids member gifts if they successfully break through the customs. In addition to the game, children can also use their imagination to doodle on the pulp shoe mold with their parents, making a souvenir with their own hands, and then bring home the results of parent-child activities.

Anta Kids’s newly released UFO2.0 running shoes choose fashion and technology as the design direction, not only visual effects have a sense of the future, but also innovative craftsmanship. The product has 5 groups of matrix shock cushioning airbags, according to ergonomic distribution, greatly reduce the vibration, improve the stability of exercise, and strengthen the protection of children’s ankles. In appearance, the sole airbag is designed as UFO, to give children a sci-fi experience.


UFO 2.0 running shoes are also equipped with Habu fast lace twisting system, so that children can easily adjust shoelace tightness. The streamlined reflective strip that runs through the vamp is designed so that the shoe body can reflect light in the dark, improve recognition in the dark environment, and enhance children’s travel safety.

In general, Anta Kids has released children’s shoes that are both practical and fashionable with the help of aerospace elements that are popular in China this year. Anta always insists on promoting multiple brands at the same time and shaping the brand image in different directions, which is the company’s business strategy of seeking stability and risk aversion in the fashion market.