Yanjing Beer was broadcast live in the official flagship store of Taobao on July 6, holding a new product conference and releasing eight kinds of beer with the theme of Beijing scenery. The live attracted more than 50, 000 people to watch online at the same time. Half of the series were already on the market last year, and the remaining four products of Beijing eight scenery series have also been officially launched after this release.

The four craft products released this time are: the autumn wind in Zhongnanhai, the sunset in Huangtai, the trees in the fog of Deshengmen, and the forest in Juyongguan. The first four products launched by Yanjing Beer last year are: the spring of Qionghua Island, spring water in Yuquan Mountain, the morning moon of Yongding River, and the snow in a sunny day of Taihang Mountain.

Yanjing Beer said at the press conference that “Beijing eight scenery” beer focused on Chinese style and aimed at young people and mid-to-high end beer lovers. By visiting shopping malls and supermarkets, Beijing Business Daily reporter  found that products of “Beijing eight scenery” which was already listed  were mainly bought young consumers.

At Yanjing Beer`s Tmall flagship store, the full range of Beijing`s eight scenery has been officially launched, with 330ml*12 tinned products priced from 99 yuan to 192 yuan.

In order to change the brand image and make itself more fashionable and younger, Yanjing Beer began to upgrade its product structure in recent years. Starting from 2019, Yanjing Beer has successively launched mid-to-high end personalized new products such as Yanjing U8, Yanjing Seven fresh, ” Beijing`s eight scenery” and other personalized product. In additin, the company tried bottle customization at the same time.

It is worth mentioning that in order to get closer to the young consumer groups and create a fashionable and high-end image, Yanjing Beer signed the star Wang Yibo as the brand spokesman in May this year.

Wang Yibo endorses Yanjing Beer

On the other hand, the bigger problem of the Chinese beer brands is that despite low-cost beer still constitutes the core income, it is becoming less and less, while the sales of mid-to-high end beer are increasing, which has become the main source of profit growth for major beer companies. Other beer companies have begun to layout the mid-to-high end beer market several years ago, yet Yanjing Beer was already been left behind.

Despite Yanjing Beer still has a certain sales volume in China, the sales volume is mainly mid-to-low end products of which profit is relatively less. Even in Yanjing Beer’s most popular market, Beijing, Beijingers generally don’t think Yanjing Beer’s taste can satisfy today’s demand. Generally speaking, only older users still keep drinking Yanjing Beer frequently, which makes Yanjing Beer feel more and more strongly in crisis.