On November 27th, CBNData jointly with Tmall Taobao overseas released the 2020 Cross-Border Export Market consumption trend report (hereinafter referred to as “the report”). It interprets the changing trend of cross-border exports in 2020.

Under the COVID-19 epidemic, China’s trade in general goods showed a negative growth in the first half of 2020 compared with the same period last year, but the total volume of imports and exports of cross-border e-commerce increased by 26.2%, of which exports increased by 28.7% and imports increased by 24.4%. Small and medium-sized enterprises have obtained a large number of overseas orders through cross-border e-commerce platforms. At the same time, the policy is also constantly fostering the development of export cross-border e-commerce. According to statistics, the number of cross-border e-commerce related enterprises increased by 120,000 in 2019.

At present, B2B platforms such as Made-in-China, chinabrands and DHgate Dunhuang, B2C platforms such as Tmall Taobao overseas, Shopee, eBay and Wish, and cross-border e-commerce service providers such as Zhuozhi, Kuazhitong and Yidatong constitute rich cross-border e-commerce forms in China.

During the epidemic, home consumption became the focus of growth around the world. Take the category of kitchen utensils, storage tools and household appliances as an example, the sales of cross-border products show a high growth. The report shows that compared with last year, kitchen / cooking utensils increased by 20%, while kitchen appliances, storage appliances, household appliances, large household appliances and furniture accessories all increased by 5% and 10%.

From the perspective of the subdivision of kitchen / cooking utensils, noodle mixers, air fryers and multi-function cooking machines are the most popular, with a growth rate of 600%, 300% and 200% separately, respectively. These products are very popular in the United States, Singapore and Malaysia. In addition, there has been an increase in cleaning and disinfection products, storage tools, entertainment appliances, small and medium-sized fitness equipment, and so on. Among them, the growth rate of flat panel TV consumption is extremely high.

In addition to home consumption, there has also been an increase in sales of clothing and toys. According to statistics, exports of special clothing such as Hanfu, JK uniforms and Lolita dresses grew strongly, of which JK uniforms grew the fastest, with orders rising by more than 95% over the same period last year, bringing popularity to brands such as Kyouko, ZONPER and SWALLOWJK.

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Among the overseas Chinese community, the most popular is the dress Lolita. According to the report, dresses with a mixture of Japanese style and Chinese style are the most popular with young overseas women, with per capita consumption much higher than other layers of clothing, and popular Lolita clothing brands with distinctive design styles such as Shizisha and Hua.

In the toy category, the sales growth of blind boxes is the fastest, and the types of IP are also very rich. POP MART, 52TOYS, Zhuo Dawang and other brands have made outstanding achievements.

The report shows that domestic beauty brands, including makeup, skin care products and beauty equipment, have been growing year after year. In terms of subdivision, the consumption of beauty tools and eye makeup products increased significantly, ranking in the top two places of makeup products, and the sales of false eyelashes, eyelash growth fluid and eye shadow products were strong. “Perfect Diary”, which has logged into Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room many times, has become the most popular brand for overseas Chinese, and has ushered in an explosion of sales growth during the Singles’ Day holiday.

In the category of skin care products, facial essence has become a new favorite of overseas Chinese, with the fastest increase in popularity. Skin care brand HomeFacialPro, which focuses on product composition, became the biggest winner during the Singles’ Day holiday, with the average daily turnover increasing by 2,473%. In addition, the popularity of facial care sets, body care, hand care and cleansing products has also entered the top five of domestic skin care products this year.

In the field of beauty instruments, the consumption scale and growth rate of facial beauty instruments are the most eye-catching, of which electronic beauty instruments account for the highest proportion, followed by face steamers and face thinning machines. Jintao, a domestic brand with face steamer as its representative product, performed well during the Singles’ Day holiday, with an average daily turnover increase of 2,145%.

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