Many iPhone users have discovered in the past that iOS 13.2 will kill background tasks almost immediately, including WeChat.

WeChat is China’s most popular messaging tool, with more than 1 billion daily active users in China. For users, WeChat is like iMessenger in iOS.

Killing WeChat running in the background does not affect the notification, but the user needs to wait 1-2 seconds for the startup time from clicking the notification to entering the software interface.

In response to this problem, the WeChat official team today pushed a notice to all iPhone users:

Dear users, upgrading to iOS13.2 may cause the app (such as WeChat) to be shut down after the back to the home screen or lock screen. The next time you open it, you need to restart the app. It is recommended not to upgrade the iOS version first, or be patient and wait for the issue to be fixed. Thank you for your support and understanding!

An Apple developer believes that WeChat cannot rely on itself to solve this problem. Users can only wait for Apple to update the iOS system to fix this bug.