Want Want unveiled its new product, Suanlafen and Luosifen, which could be eaten in boiling water like instant noodles, on its official Weibo account on Nov. 4. It is currently on sale at Tmall’s flagship store.

Convenient Suanlafen net content is 132g per barrel, shelf life 9 months. Convenient luosifen`s net content is 191g per barrel, shelf life 9 months. At present, Want Want Tmall flagship store only offers a combination of 3 barrels of suanlafen plus 3 barrels of luosifen, in a total price of 99.9 yuan, the current discount price of 69.9 yuan. It should be noted that the product has not yet been officially released, and the store currently accepts a deposit, but the goods will not be delivered immediately.

These two kinds of convenience food are packed in paper barrels. after opening the package, they are brewed in boiling water like instant noodles and can be eaten after 5 minutes. Today’s more common packaging Luosifen, in China generally requires consumers to cook it themselves. By contrast, Want Want is a real convenience food.

With the advent of the COVID-19 epidemic, China’s future economic development is facing more uncertainties. On the other hand, the level of China’s food industry is increasing day by day, and there are more and more healthier and more delicious convenience foods, which makes Chinese convenience foods begin a new round of growth. In “The Rise of Chinese style Instant Foods“, we describe this phenomenon.

Luosifen is China’s “Internet celebrity food”. Our article “Luosifen, Li Ziqi’s favourite snack is ready to meet the world” about Luosifen, can help you learn more. The popularity of Suanlafen in China is even much earlier than that of Spirulina vermicelli. At the beginning of the 21st century, all major cities in China, especially tourist attractions, were selling such cheap and exciting snacks.

Suanlafen is almost a vegetarian dish, with rice noodles, hot and sour seasoning, fried soybeans or Fried Peanuts. In the Luosifen promotion, green vegetables, sour bamboo shoots, sour beans, peanuts and bean skins are all selling points. When it comes to Suanlafen, people generally don’t mention specific ingredients-it’s really monotonous, but it’s very cheap.

Want Want, a company based in Taiwan, expanded its business in Chinese mainland in 1992 and has since become a famous food and beverage brand of Chinese mainland. For people in their twenties and thirties in China today, Want Want is a good memory of childhood, so Want Want is not only a commodity brand, but also a cultural symbol. Today, Want Want’s business in Chinese mainland is still booming and is expanding its scope of business.