On December 16, Zhang Yijun, the first vice chairman of the China Association of Audio, Video and Digital Publishing, released the group standard of “Age Tips for Online Games” at the 2020 annual meeting of China’s game industry.

The standard is mainly composed of three parts. The identifiers of appropriate age tips are based on three different ages, namely, green 8 +, blue 12 + and yellow 16 +, yet 18 + age group is not included, which is obviously different from the general game rating system.

The standard specifies the basic requirements for the use of identifiers. The standard clearly defines the download channel, display time, size ratio and update frequency of identifiers, and makes necessary specifications for the behavior that may deliberately obscure the use of identifiers and prompts, in order to maintain the authority, unity and real-time performance of identification standards.

The standard defines the specific use scenarios of identifiers, that is, age prompts must be placed in a prominent position in the game product interface, including but not limited to the game’s official website, client registration, login nodes, game payment interface and promotional videos, advertisements, etc., in order to highlight the visibility and visibility of the logo in the game product.

The classification of cultural content in China has been controversial because of its slow introduction and lack of professional operation. This online game classification standard, due to obvious reasons, still appears stupid and meaningless. Some players and practitioners think that this rating standard is ridiculous and has little executive value.