On August 20, Tom and Jerry, a mobile game developed by NetEase authorized by Warner Brothers, topped the free list of iOS in Thailand. Two weeks later, “Tom and Jerry” still holds the No. 1 position on the free list, indicating the popularity of the game itself.

Since the public test in May last year, “Tom and Jerry” has been a relative lack of “sense of existence”. There is less discussion in the game industry, fewer game media reports, and the popularity of domestic players in China is also relatively limited. Surprisingly, the game has performed well in more than one region, not only in Thailand but also in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, and other places in the top five of the iOS free list.

Since the public test, it has only taken half a year for “Tom and Jerry” to register more than 100 million users, of which post-00 players account for about 70%. According to previously disclosed official data, 60 percent of Tom and Jerry mobile game players are registered as users of NetEase’s game for the first time. In China, you can see some game anchors broadcast the game live. On China’s mobile game platform TapTap, the score of “Tom and Jerry” is now above 8.0, indicating that the game itself is of good quality.

The global influence of the “Tom and Jerry” theme, coupled with the 1vN asymmetric competitive playing method that has been verified many times by “Dead by Daylight”, “Identity V” and other games, the game itself can be said to have a certain basis for success in terms of content and form. Observing the game screen, we can find that NetEase can better restore the painting style of classical animation, so that the texture of the game itself is better, not as cheap as usual mobile games.

NetEase’s games are known overseas for mobile games such as “Knives Out”, “Onmyoji” and “Identity V”, while some non-Chinese players know about the Chinese company because of NetEase’s relationship with Blizzard (such as “Diablo: Immortal” developed by NetEase and Blizzard). NetEase is not only a game company, but a large Internet group similar to Tencent, but NetEase’s games and other businesses are smaller than Tencent.