On November 3, the Cover News journalist just came to the Emei Mountain Scenic Area and heard a visitor “unhappy.” The reporter noticed that the Jingangzui spot in the “Sheshen Cliff” was surrounded by a glass wall. Many tourists said: “disharmony”, “awkwardness” and “unnatural”.

The relevant person in charge of the management committee admitted that the move is mainly to protect the safety of tourists and minimize the occurrence of suicides without affecting the landscape.

Mount Emei “ Sheshen Cliff ”, also known as “the cliff that abandons life”, is named after the Buddha light. Buddha light is photographed in it, nicknamed “to abandon the light of life”, and people have been committing suicide. Last month, one guy jumped out of the cliff and ended his life.

Before the replacement of the glass wall, there is only a low fence at the mouth of the diamond, which can be easily accessed by tourists. On the arrival of this reporter, the reporter saw that the upper and lower parts of the scenic spot built a thick glass wall around the “ Sheshen Cliff ”.

Anti-Suicide Glass installed beside the cliff. Picture Credit: Cover News

What do visitors think about the glass wall? Visitors believe that this glass wall is “disharmonious”, “unbalanced” and “unnatural”. However, Mr. Chen believes that this move is also understandable to protect the safety of tourists.

There is a security guard every ten of meters on the side of the ” Sheshen Cliff “. Mr. Zhang from Jinding staff introduced that the glass wall of Jingangzui was built before the National Day this year. The total length of the upper and lower sections is about 20 meters and the height is about 1.8 meters. The main purpose is to protect the safety of tourists.

@lishiershushu in weibo shared a picture of Mount Emei. A handrail slogan saying : One who loves you always waiting for you at home. Picture Credit: @ lishiershushu

Mr. Zhang said that in addition to installing the glass wall, along the “ Sheshen Cliff ”, the scenic spot is still in five scenic spots, and the security guards are arranged. “From 7:30 a.m. to 6 or 7 p.m., I will stay away from time to time.” The job is not only to maintain order, to answer tourist questions, but also to stop the dangerous behavior of tourists, such as stopping tourists from taking pictures in dangerous areas.

The person in charge said that they should pay special attention to those who are emotionally unstable. For example, in sunny weather, most tourists are very excited, while some people are depressed and silent, as well as in front of the “Body Cliff” guardrail. People who talk to themselves and look dull; for example, people who were excited and suddenly throwed away mobile phones.

In the case of such tourists, they must first report to the Golden Roof Management Office and take the tourists away from the danger zone in time. In the evening, they will also patrol the ” Sheshen Cliff ” along the line from time to time.