Li Ziqi, a well-known Youtuber from China, has made the latest move.

On July 29, Li Ziqi’s brokerage company set up a new wholly-owned subsidiary called Guangxi Xingliu Food Co., Ltd. As its name suggests, the company’s business scope includes “selling prepackaged food”, “food import and export” and “commodity import and export”.

Li Ziqi is an online celebrity who specializes in making Chinese food videos. In her video, she plays the role of an ancient Chinese girl, making food using the oldest cooking methods in China. These videos are very exquisite, and many people not only like to watch her videos but also fall in love with the food she introduces.

Li Ziqi has been selling food in China since 2018, and the monthly turnover of Li Ziqi’s stores on Tmall has exceeded 100 million yuan ($14.4 million) by 2020, according to Chinese media reports.

Li Ziqi’s stores do not sell food made by Li Ziqi herself. The store adopts contract manufacturing mode, and all the food is actually prepackaged or instant food made by other regular food factories.

For example, Li Ziqi brand Luosifen, which sells well, is actually produced by “Guangxi Zhongliu Food Technology Co., Ltd.”, while Li Ziqi brand chili sauce is actually produced by “Sichuan Ke Da Xiang Food Co., Ltd.”. After the new company is established, the company may specialize in producing plum seven-branded food and selling it overseas.

As an online celebrity, Li Ziqi has more than 40 million followers in China, as well as 11 million overseas followers on Youtube. Previously, due to the lack of sales channels, it was difficult for Li Ziqi’s foreign fans to buy plum brand food.

Alibaba launched the Spring Thunder Project in April 2020 to help sell Chinese consumer goods on its international e-commerce platform. According to Alibaba’s official ranking, Li Ziqi ranks second among all overseas brands.



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