In a recent, rather unexpected turn of events, Jiang Qiulian, the mother of Jiang Ge, embarked on a venture into the world of live streaming sales. For those who might not be in the loop, live streaming sales have become a big deal in China, where individuals or businesses showcase products live to an online audience, who can purchase the items on the spot.

On the evening of October 9th, Jiang Qiulian stepped into this digital realm, hosting her first live sales stream on Douyin (China’s version of TikTok). The event lasted nearly three hours, during which she interacted with an enormous online audience. The numbers were staggering— with the live stream garnering between 8.5 to 15 million views across different platforms. At peak times, the number of concurrent viewers soared to 100,000. The sales too, were through the roof, with a total sales volume ranging from 1 to 2.5 million RMB, amounting to about 50,000 to 75,000 items sold in just those few hours​1​​2​​3​​4​.

What was she selling, you ask? Primarily everyday household items. Some of the hot selling products included household papers, wet toilet paper, roasted neck meat snacks, and toilet cleaners. It seems the majority of her sales fell under the daily necessities category, comprising 81.44% of the total sales. Interestingly, the primary demographic tuning into her live stream were female viewers, making up 82% of the total audience. The regions with the most viewers were Shandong, Guangdong, and Jiangsu​5​.

Jiang Qiulian’s venture into live streaming sales wasn’t just about selling products; it was about bringing her small supermarket to an online platform. According to her, the main aim was to earn money, but she emphasized that product selection and service were her top priorities, placing earning money as a secondary objective. She also expressed her gratitude towards the netizens for their support, irrespective of whether they made purchases or not during the live stream​6​.

This sudden spotlight on Jiang Qiulian brought back discussions around the tragic Jiang Ge case. The viewership and sales reflect not only the effectiveness of live streaming as a sales platform but also the empathy and support from the public towards Jiang Qiulian’s family. This heartwarming gesture shows a unique blend of modern digital commerce and traditional community support, as millions tuned in, engaged, and purchased, demonstrating an overwhelming amount of support for Jiang Qiulian in a modern-day setting.

This journey of a grieving mother, from facing a harrowing legal battle to finding a new avenue of support through live streaming, showcases a poignant blend of traditional empathy and modern-day digital commerce in China.

Background of the Jiang Ge Case

The Jiang Ge case is a heart-wrenching tale of a promising young life cut short, intertwined with themes of friendship, betrayal, and legal justice that reverberated across both Chinese and Japanese societies.

Jiang Ge, a 24-year-old Chinese national, was studying in Japan when tragedy struck on November 3, 2016. That fateful night, she was brutally stabbed outside her apartment in Tokyo by Chen Shifeng, the ex-boyfriend of her roommate, Liu Xin (also known as Liu Nuanxi). Jiang Ge’s attempt to shield Liu Xin from Chen’s harassment ended in her tragic demise​7​​8​.

The case quickly garnered widespread attention and became a topic of heated debate online. In China, the narrative of ingratitude, referred to as “恩将仇报” (repaying kindness with enmity), struck a chord as Liu Xin was criticized for not adequately warning Jiang Ge of the danger posed by Chen, and for locking the door to her apartment, leaving Jiang Ge outside with the assailant​9​​10​.

The ensuing legal battles were closely followed by the public. Jiang Ge’s mother, Jiang Qiulian, took Liu Xin to court in China over a “right to life” dispute, which eventually resulted in a financial settlement in her favor​4​. On the other hand, Chen Shifeng was sentenced by a Japanese court to 20 years in prison for intentional homicide and intimidation​11​.

The case also ignited discussions around moral and legal responsibilities, not only within the Chinese community but also in Japan. Jiang Qiulian’s quest for justice resonated with many, sparking reflections on societal values and the legal system. Her statement during the lawsuit, about educating children based on the outcome, highlighted the moral dilemmas posed by the case​12​.

Furthermore, the contrasting perspectives between Chinese and Japanese societies on the case were evident. For instance, Jiang Qiulian’s campaign to solicit signatures for Chen Shifeng’s death penalty garnered attention, reflecting differing societal attitudes towards the case’s judgments and the underlying moral issues​7​.

The Jiang Ge case is more than a tragic tale—it’s a reflection of cultural, moral, and legal dimensions that continue to evoke discussions and emotions among individuals and communities across borders.

Legal Proceedings

The Jiang Ge case entailed a complex web of legal proceedings spanning across two nations, Japan and China, each with its distinctive legal systems and societal reactions to the tragic incident.

In Japan, where the gruesome murder took place, the legal proceedings followed the Japanese judicial protocols. The trial commenced on December 11, with Chen Shifeng, the perpetrator, facing the charges. Chen only admitted to threatening Liu Xin but denied the charge of intentionally murdering Jiang Ge. The defense argued that the fatal injuries inflicted upon Jiang Ge occurred accidentally during a scuffle over a fruit knife handed to Jiang Ge by Liu Xin. During the altercation, Jiang Ge repeatedly rang the doorbell, seeking refuge inside, but Liu Xin didn’t open the door. The detailed proceedings were minutely examined in court, with every moment leading up to the tragic death of Jiang Ge being scrutinized​13​.

The verdict pronounced by the Japanese court sentenced Chen Shifeng to 20 years in prison for intentional homicide and intimidation. However, the story did not end with the verdict in Japan, as the legal discourse extended across the sea to China, where both the victim and the primary individuals involved were from​14​.

In China, the narrative revolved around moral and legal responsibilities, which gave rise to a lawsuit against Liu Xin. Jiang Qiulian, Jiang Ge’s mother, filed a lawsuit against Liu Xin for not properly informing her daughter about the danger she was in. The Chinese court, evaluating the case based on Chinese law, held Liu Xin civilly liable for her failure to uphold her duty of care towards Jiang Ge, who was trying to help her. The court ordered Liu Xin to compensate Jiang Qiulian for her economic and emotional losses, to the tune of nearly 700,000 RMB, also covering all the case acceptance fees​15​​16​.

This legal saga, unfolding over several years, highlighted not only the criminal and civil legal frameworks but also the intricate interplay of moral, societal, and legal facets in two different cultural settings. Through every step of the legal journey, the echoing cries for justice for Jiang Ge resonated across borders, reflecting the universal human longing for righteousness and closure in the face of tragedy.

The Controversy Surrounding Liu Xin

The controversy surrounding Liu Xin stems from her actions on the night of Jiang Ge’s tragic murder, and the subsequent public reactions towards her. Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

Liu Xin’s Actions and Public Outrage:

On the fateful night of November 3, 2016, Liu Xin’s ex-boyfriend, Chen Shifeng, sought her out at the apartment she was sharing with Jiang Ge. When Liu contacted Jiang Ge for help, Jiang Ge suggested calling the police. However, Liu dissuaded her, citing that it could escalate the situation. This decision would later prove fatal as Chen Shifeng murdered Jiang Ge that night. The public outrage was amplified as Liu Xin was perceived to have prioritized her safety over Jiang Ge’s by locking the door, leaving Jiang Ge outside with the assailant​17​.

Silence and Subsequent Statements:

After the incident, Liu Xin remained silent for a while, which further infuriated the public. She later made statements defending her actions, expressing that she couldn’t have predicted Chen Shifeng’s murderous intentions. In a subsequent trial in China, where Jiang Ge’s mother sued Liu Xin for not informing Jiang Ge about the risks she was facing, Liu contested the court’s decision, stating every part of the verdict was wrong and she could rebut all of it​18​.

Immoral Behaviors:

Liu Xin’s subsequent actions were seen by many as cold-hearted and self-preserving, leading to further public disdain. Although there wasn’t a direct legal responsibility tied to Jiang Ge’s murder, her actions, or the lack thereof, during and after the incident, painted her as a morally reprehensible figure in the eyes of the public​19​​20​.

Legal Battles Against Liu Xin:

Jiang Qiulian, Jiang Ge’s mother, pursued legal action against Liu Xin in China, accusing her of infringing upon Jiang Ge’s right to life. The court found Liu Xin at fault for not informing Jiang Ge of the risks and awarded Jiang Qiulian a compensation of around 700,000 CNY. Despite this, Liu Xin appealed the verdict, further exacerbating the public’s negative perception of her​21​. The lawsuit continued with appeals, and the legal battles extended, with the case being heard in Qingdao Intermediate People’s Court on February 16, 2022​22​.

The entire ordeal surrounding Liu Xin stirred a vast amount of controversy and evoked strong emotional responses from the public. The legal battles, coupled with Liu Xin’s perceived lack of remorse or responsibility, continue to fuel this ongoing saga, making the Jiang Ge case a poignant chapter in the broader discussion of moral responsibility and legal justice.

As I sit back and reflect on the tragic tale of Jiang Ge, the subsequent legal battles that ensued, and now, the newfound live streaming endeavor by her mother, Jiang Qiulian, the journey is nothing short of a poignant narrative that intertwines sorrow, hope, and resilience. The horror that befell on Jiang Ge was a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities that exist, and the relentless legal battles that followed showed a mother’s unyielding love and pursuit of justice for her daughter.

In a country where traditional norms often intersect with modern-day advancements, the case of Jiang Ge and the subsequent public support for her mother unveils a facet of Chinese society that is both compassionate and progressive. It’s a narrative that goes beyond the heartbreaking tragedy and delves into the realms of societal support, digital engagement, and the indomitable human spirit. Through the lens of this live streaming endeavor, we not only see a mother’s resilience but a society’s willingness to extend a hand of support in the face of adversity.