Impossible Foods officially launched Impossible botanical pork fillet hamburger in Hong Kong today.

Impossible Pork tenderloin Burger is another brand new product after the debut of Impossible Botanical Burger in 2016. Impossible Foods, which was born in California, launched Impossible pork tenderloin hamburger at the Consumer Electronics Show in the United States this year. This innovative pork tenderloin burger is available in more than 22000 locations across the United States in just six tenders, making it the most successful plant meat product launch in history.

Hong Kong diners can buy Impossible cereal sandwiches and sandwiches at any Starbucks store in the city, served with Impossible plant pork tenderloin hamburger, eggs, cheese, roasted pumpkin, onions and orchard vegetables.

Other restaurants will also start serving Impossible pork fillet burgers in this restaurant, including Fini’s, Franks Italian American, Triple oils and URBAN. More details will be announced later.

Hong Kong is Impossible Foods’s only overseas market outside the United States, which successfully swept the Hong Kong market by launching Impossible plant hamburger in 2018, making its debut in popular restaurants in the city, including: Little Bao, Happy Paradise and Beef & Liberty, and expanding hundreds of other restaurants.

IMPOSSIBLE plant pork tenderloin hamburger ingredients:
Ingredients with a content of 2% or less include: natural, sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, methylcellulose, and other ingredients with a content of 2% or less, sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, methyl cellulose.
Spices, salt, yeast extract, spices, sucrose, sweet potato glucose, food modified starch, citric acid, sweet potato red eggs.
Oils, rapeseed oil, antioxidants, zinc gluconate, nicotinic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, vitamin B12.
Contains: cymbals.

IMPOSSIBLE is an innovative plant meat company, founded on July 16, 2011, headquartered in Redwood City, California, USA.

Plant meat is becoming popular in China. Not only are many companies competing to develop and launch new products, but young Chinese consumers are also willing to try this new thing. A large number of new plant meat products sold out soon after they hit the shelves, causing a lot of discussion on social networks.