On June 11th, on the WeFood food industry supply and demand platform, Haidilao hot pot Beer released the investment demand: looking for regional distribution partners, no restrictions on the types of channels that we are good at, and are good at.

The products Haidilao hot pot will offer to dealers include barley lager, German beer, and dark lager, which are also available in Haidilao hot pot stores, but honey sweet-scented osmanthus beer launched on April 18 is not among them. These beers will be packed in cans when sold through external channels.

Jiemian News reported that Haidilao hot pot beer is currently available in Haidilao hot pot stores, Haidilao hot pot delivery, and official e-commerce platforms such as Tmall flagship stores and JD stores, as well as other offline channels.

In the second half of 2017, Haidilao hot pot began to launch its own beer drinks in order to adapt to the changes in China’s beer market. In China, although low-end beer still accounts for the main part of beer sales, medium-and high-end beer is growing rapidly, and the latter is clearly bringing more profits.

Observing the packaging of Haidilao hot pot craft beer, we will find that the beer is a contract product, and its contractor is Shanghai Haiyan Trading Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Haidilao hot pot, while those involved in R & D, supervision and manufacture are Longsheng Catering Management Co., Ltd., And Youbulao Fine Brewing Beer Co., Ltd.

Although Sichuan hot pot is more suitable for Chinese spirits in the traditional sense, with the change of times, young people also prefer low-alcohol beverages. Like North American residents, the Chinese also prefer cooler beer, which makes beer suitable for Sichuan hot pot. What’s more, in the offline catering industry, beverages bring high-profit margins, especially mid-and high-end beer.

It is reported that beer sales in all, Haidilao hot pot stores exceeded 400 million yuan in 2019, which is equivalent to a small beer company. As novel coronavirus suffered heavy losses in, Haidilao hot pot due to the impact of the epidemic, his attempt to sell beer through other channels was an attempt to recover profits.