As we previously described in“What is Genki Forest?”, Genki Forest is a new Chinese beverage company, selling sugar-free, low-calorie drinks.

After achieving great commercial success in China, it has set its sights overseas. Genki Forest launched its overseas strategy back in 2019, with the first target being the North American market, the birthplace of carbonated beverages. It then established an independent overseas business unit in the second half of 2020 and began to accelerate the expansion of its overseas business.

In May 2021, Genki Forest launched its first aluminum-can sparkling water product in the U.S. market. Flavors such as White Peace and Lychee Fizzy are popular with overseas consumers. The company’s beverage products have now entered 40 countries and regions around the world, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and France.

In mid-December, Genki Forest aluminum-can sparkling water made it to the top 10 of Amazon Best Sellers in Sparkling Drinking Water in the United States. In the list of New Releases in Sparkling Drinking Water, it even took the top three spots. Genki Forest is also the only Chinese beverage brand to enter the list.

At present, Genki Forest is available on Amazon and its global website, including aluminum cans of sparkling water, cans of sparkling water, “Alienergy” energy drink, Classic Milk Tea, Burning Tea (Oolong Tea) and many other series of products. There is also a limited edition of Sencha Green Tea.

In addition to these products that are available overseas, Genki Forest also offers several series of products in the Chinese market, such as sugar-free yogurt and low-sugar fruit juices. Bottled sparkling water can be found overseas, and in China there are also a variety of flavors such as regionally limited crispy pear and seasonally limited sweety strawberry.

It is worth mentioning that a separate overseas section has been set up in Genki Forest’s official Tmall flagship store, specifically for consumers in Australia and Singapore. Consumers in these two regions can purchase Genki Forest’s beverages in the store and enjoy package shipping services.

According to the data of China’s famous commercial search website Tian Yan Cha, CHI FOREST TECHNOLOGY(SINGAPORE)PTE.LTD. under Genki Forest applied for the registration of CHI FOREST trademark on August 19, 2021.

Genki Forest also revealed not long ago that the company will still increase its investment in overseas markets, carry out overseas mergers and acquisitions and introduce high-quality products from overseas, upgrading in raw materials, technology and other aspects. In addition, Genki Forest also plans to obtain its own factories overseas by investment or self-build in the next 2~3 years, and use this to promote more global product development.

Perhaps in the near future, overseas consumers will also be able to enjoy the limited flavors of Genki Forest drinks that are unique to their own regions.

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