Shenzhen DJI Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. recently unveiled a patent called “Information flow display method and device, self-driving system and Mobile platform”, according to Enterprise check.

The patent shows that this method can create a connection identification between the node and the input message and / or output message of the node to indicate the message flow direction of the node. At the same time, the method takes the node as the center to record the messages published and subscribed by each node in the message transmission system, so as to form a link diagram, which can accurately display the inflow or outflow of messages from the same node. it is convenient for users to debug messages synchronously on the same node.

In addition, as can be seen from the DJI website, DJI is recently recruiting hardware engineers in automotive electronics and software engineers in the direction of smart driving, mostly based in Shenzhen, while Shanghai is also within the scope of recruitment. Although DJI has repeatedly denied that the company will enter the self-driving field, it is now an indisputable fact that DJI is interested in self-driving.

Self-driving is a very popular technology in recent years, and its prospect is not limited to the field of smart cars, but also in the field of drones. It is reasonable for the famous drone company DJI to explore self-driving technology.

This year, China’s military drones have attracted a lot of attention around the world. On the other hand, DJI is actually a good manufacturer of civilian drones. Many Chinese have begun to use drones for aerial photography and other activities. Drones are cheap and easy to assemble, and have become toys or gifts in the hands of many young people.

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