On September 3, 2020, Chinese designer lingerie brand NEIWAI re-launched the domain name neiwai.life, and used it as an e-commerce for the US market.

NEIWAI is a designer brand founded by Liu Xiaolu in 2012. Neiwai is the pronunciation of “inside and outside” in Chinese. The idea it wants to convey is “you know both inside and outside me.”

Liu Xiaolu’s parents are in the lingerie business. As a result, she has known clothing fabrics and craftsmanship like the back of her hand since she was a child. After graduating from the University of Hong Kong, Liu Xiaolu worked in the Strategy Department of Coca-Cola (China) before studying finance at the Olin School of Business at the University of Washington in the United States. She founded the brandd due to she found very few lingerie brands suitable for Asian women.

NEIWAI is positioned at the high end of the Chinese lingerie market, with about 70 stores in Chinese mainland as of the end of 2019. After the success of lingerie products, it also began to sell other products to female consumers in these stores.

Famous Chinese singer Faye Wong announced in August that she became the product spokesperson for NEIWAI.

In addition, its American online store continues the brand’s “pure” design language. In view of the habits of users in North America, NEIWAIhas made a regional special Bra Guide, to adjust the size and measurement system.

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