On September 19, the beauty collection store Sephora announced at its annual new product launch event in China that it partnered with famous Chinese makeup artist MAOGEPING to release the exclusive brand MAOGEPING•LIGHT.

MAO Geping is a famous Makeup artist in China. He has made makeup designs for more than 40 Chinese films, TV shows and more than 20 stage plays.Since 1998, he has founded cosmetics Art Co., LTD., cosmetics Co., LTD., image design Art School and other enterprises, and later founded the cosmetics brand MGPIN in his own name.

On the same day, the personal weibo of MAO Geping and the official weibo of his eponymous brand also released relevant information, announcing that the new brand aims to “express more detailed Oriental light and shadow, and present the Oriental aesthetic” Later, in a joint make-up teaching video with actor Hu Bing, MAOGEPING himself also mentioned the releasing information of MAOGEPING•LIGHT. MAOGEPING•LIGHT went on sale online on September 19 and will be available offline in October.

MAOGEPING•LIGHT can now be purchased from the official Sephora web store and its Tmall flagship store. Among them, Sephora’s official website has listed 14 products, including air cushion foundation, foundation lotion, contouring powder, contouring powder, highgloss powder, blush, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow shadow powder, nose shadow powder, eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick and so on. At the Sephora Tmall flagship store, all but the lipstick are already on sale.

From the existing products, MAOGEPING•LIGHT and MGPIN’s original cosmetics line are not so different from each other in terms of product categories. Except for a few standard cosmetics brands, they both feature “LIGHT and shadow” cosmetic products, such as highlights, contouring, eyebrow shadows, nose shadows and so on.

However, in terms of product design, packaging design, and pricing, MAOGEPING·LIGHT’s overall positioning is more high-end.The packaging pattern of the brand is more delicate and uses more Oriental design elements.

It’s worth noting that Chinese beauty brand MARIE DALGAR has partnered with Sephora in a similar way before. At that time, MARIE DALGAR opened a more high-end MARIE DALGAR Color Studio series for Sephora, making higher market positioning arrangements in terms of product quality, packaging image design and pricing. This cooperation has enhanced the brand image of MARIE DALGAR, as well as the brand value and the premium space.