Internet celebrity has become a formal occupation in China

On July 6, 2020, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs announced nine new occupations, including “Internet marketers”, according to ChinaNews. Under the category of “Internet marketer”, one type of job is called “webcast salesman”, which is also widely regarded as Internet Celebrity.

Li Jiaqi, China’s best-known Internet Celebrity, has tens of millions of fans and sales of more than 10 million yuan per live broadcast.

Currently, being a net celebrity is already a good choice, however, affected by the epidemic, selling goods through live webcasts has become so popular that countless young people want to become a net celebrity.

But it also brings a lot of problems. The goods sold by internet celebrities lack quality assurance. In addition, the webcast platform is usually not a mature e-commerce platform, which means it is not satisfactory in after-sales service. Many people buy shoddy goods while watching live broadcasts, but broadcasters are not responsible because their behavior is somewhere between advertising and sales.

When “webcast salesman” becomes a formal profession, it helps to regulate these sales behaviors. According to the regulations, all “Internet marketers” (including “webcast salesman”) are required to review information such as enterprise qualifications and product quality before selling goods.

At the same time, it also puts forward requirements for the level of “Internet marketers”. When an enterprise entrusts an “Internet marketer” to carry out marketing, the marketer should ensure that the marketing results are authentic rather than being faked.

In addition to “Internet marketer”, the new occupations include “blockchain engineer”, “city management grid worker”, “information security tester”, “blockchain application operator”, “online learning attendant”, “community health assistant”, “seniors competency assessor”, and “additive manufacturing equipment operator”.

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