Xiaomi bracelet 5 is on the market, and it pays more attention to women and health

Considering the price of the Xiaomi bracelet, this generation of products is also more cost-effective.

At 14:00 on June 11, Xiaomi released Xiaomi bracelet 5, a new product of Xiaomi bracelet.

Compared with the previous products, the Xiaomi bracelet 5 has a larger screen from 1.2 inches to 1.4 inches, supports remote control to take pictures on mobile phones, and replaces the magnetic charging interface. Five new exercise modes, female health modes (such as menstruation prediction), an 8-color summer-themed wristband and hundreds of online-themed dials are available.

The standard version of Xiaomi bracelet 5 is priced at 189 yuan ($26.7). The NFC version is priced at 229 yuan ($32.4) and is expected to go on sale at 10:00 on June 18.

Compared with Xiaomi bracelet 4, the main functional improvements of this generation are as follows:

  1. The dynamic dial is supported for the first time.
  2. Five new exercise modes are added, covering all indoor and outdoor scenes (five exercise modes are: rowing machine, yoga, rope skipping, elliptical machine, indoor cycling).
  3. More powerful PPG sensor, more accurate heart rate monitoring data.
  4. The function of sleep monitoring has been comprehensively strengthened to support all-day sleep monitoring.
  5. Magnetic charging is used for the first time in the same class.
  6. The introduction of PAI data to create a smart bracelet with a single value to directly display the state of health.
  7. Breathing training greatly increases the interaction of the bracelet and effectively relieves tachycardia.

Considering the price of the Xiaomi bracelet, this products is also more cost-effective.

Xiaomi bracelets are also sold in some markets outside China. If you are a user in India or Southeast Asia, you should be able to buy Xiaomi products more easily.

According to the global wearable market report released by data research firm IDC in 2019, Xiaomi has become the second-largest smart wearable brand in the world and the largest in China. Internationally, Xiaomi’s shipments surpassed Samsung, which ranked third, by 34%. In the global wearable market report for the third quarter of 2019 by Canalys, another data research firm, Xiaomi ranked first in the market for wearable devices on the wrist, accounting for 27% of the world’s shipments. This means that Xiaomi could be a potential rival to Apple at the wearable level.

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