The general idea of the Weibo post is:

I didn’t really want to say it, but when I woke up in the middle of the night and thought about it, I still talked about the phenomenon of buying and selling people. Recently, the phenomenon of reselling people began to appear. A Jack cat can even sell for as much as 7.800 on a platform. Rich women spend a lot of money on their favorite animals, but behind them is a cold production line. the process is like this: export and archive with a cracker, then edit it with a pc editor, modify the data to replace the small animal, and then lock him up without talking and send bad things. Drive them away and send them to the authentic machine, which repeats the confinement and does not speak, sends rotten things, and then lets the buyer pick it up. When the buyer came to pick up, the small animal had been locked up twice, suffered misery, and the soul inside was also changed. Is this really what everyone wants? For Jack’s cat, it may be a mistake to be handsome. Meeting is fate, small animals may not have a handsome and lovely appearance, but they will also have rich connotations and heart-warming actions. I hope they can be treated well. This may sink into the sea in this hot game, and few people will see it, but as long as someone can see it and know it, I hope this warm game will not change. I hope everyone can spend a happy day in the moving Sen. May everyone be cured by the moving Sen.
Ps: many people say that you can’t use amiibo, Jack and other small animals are new to this generation, and amiibo or amiibo cards have not been issued yet.

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