In order to sell pet insurance, Alipay launched nose print recognition for cats and dogs

On July 20, Alipay insurance platform announced the opening of pet nose print recognition technology, and launched pet insurance in conjunction with Earth Insurance and Zhongan Insurance.

This “pet insurance” currently accepts two major categories of pet insurance: cats and dogs.

When insured, users need to upload front photos of their pets through the phone’s camera. Alipay uses nose print information to create exclusive electronic files for pets.

When settling a claim, the owner can verify the identity of the pet through the nose print and complete the claim with one click. It is reported that the success rate of pet nasal print recognition technology is more than 99%, and is expected to be used in urban pet management, pet loss and other scenarios in the future.

In China, treating pets is not cheap, and one examination may cost thousands of yuan. This “pet insurance” is available in three versions with different coverage for dogs and cats between the ages of 3 months and 10 years old.

Take the version with an annual premium of 399 yuan as an example, the accumulated medical expenses can be reimbursed up to 10,000 yuan a year, and pet outpatients can be reimbursed for medical treatment, regardless of the type of disease and can be compensated multiple times.

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